Make A Positive Impact On The World

There are so many great ways to make a positive impact on the earth and its habitants. The trick is trying to mindful of how your actions have a rippling effect. With those views in mind, the goal is trying to choose a path where less harm is done to the world, your family, and the rest of society. 

I want to talk to you about some ideas that I find will help make the world a better place. This is my view on how I do less harm in my world with my decisions. There is no right way or wrong way. So you choose what is best for you. No judgement from my end because we are amazing people who have lots of positives and straights to offer. 

I personal mantra is to try to do know harm and these are the ways I do so:

Try to view life from another point of view. 

We all have differences in options which is great. And we all have had different life experience and process information in different ways too. That is why it is great to actually listen to others point of views because they might have an eye opening view point to what you all are talking about that you have not thought of. The world depends on community and learning to grow. So take every opportunity to grow and learn from others ideas! 

Be Kind 

Everyone has troubles so when you encounter someone who is a little rough around the edges be kind to them. You don’t know what they are up against or why they are truly feeling a certain way. Most of the time when people lash out at others that did not do any harm, it is because they are just overwhelmed about other things that are going on in their life. 

With that said if others lash out to you sometimes it has nothing to do with you. So don’t take it personally all the time. And if you did something that was wrong just apologize and learn from the mistake.

Try out Zero Waste

We are in a throw away society and it is wrecking our environment and planet. Just because we through something in the trash does not mean It magically disappears. It usually sits in a landfill producing methane gases and never breaking down. Or better yet it is finding its way into our oceans and polluting our planet and hurting sea life in many ways. 

So I challenge you to start being more cautious with your actions. So ways to do this is by purchasing your vegetables and fruits without plastic, reuse a metal straw instead of plastic, or carry a lunch box for your leftovers. There are so many options to improve your waste output that can work for you. Just try something new and you might find that you like it. 

Eat more Veggies and Fruits.

Eating vegetables and fruits have so much more positive environmental impact than eating meat. Meat uses up Many of our resources like water, fuel for the trucks, grain that we could be eating, and more. It has a great ripple effect on our planet that causes a lot of damage. There for even if you cut back a little you will making a gigantic impact. If you are interested, going whole food plant based has great health impacts and positive impacts on the environment as well. 

Take care of your body

You only have one chance to live so it is important to take care of yourself so you can live as long as you can and explore the world to the fullest. This means working out and eating right. We all have fast paced lives that leave room for others in life. But you gotta put yourself first because if you don’t then you will have little time to accomplish all your goals and you will be spending money on hospital bills instead of really cool adventures. 

Try living with less

You might have heard of a movement called minimalist which is living only with the thing that you need. Which for many of us might be unattainable but it does have a few key factors that anyone can benefit from. Some of these key factors are quality over quantity. When we buy cheap things that we know are going to break then they fill the land. Instead try to save up your money for things that have great utility and longevity. Then get your money’s worth out of them. This will also in the long run help you save money for adventures because you will not have to be replacing everything when it breaks because it was cheap. 

Go to the lIbrary

Reading books at the library that you are only going to read once will save you money. In Addition it saves the planet because you are reusing the books instead of using up resources that could be much valuable for something else. 

Start a compost or take your scraps to a local compost

Our soil is very depleted from many of the nutrients that are needed to create health. That is because our food scraps go to landfills where they don’t breakdown and find their way back to the soil for the next crops. So if we start to compost our vegetable and fruit scraps then we will be preventing us from losing more nutrients and help the planet stay healthy through our food sources. 

Recycle or donate. 

There are many people in need. A great way to help others is by donating things we no longer need or instead of thinking of them in the trash where they are of no use. In Addition it is very important to recycle everything we can so we do not cause more damage to the world by filling our landfills more. 

I hope these ideas help you live a more eco friendly lifestyle because life is way too short to keep killing our planet. Our children need a safe home to thrive in and grow. Remember every little change makes a big impact. So just do your best. I don’t expect anyone to do things that are not right for them. You are all powerful ladies that deserve to thrive in life to the fullest. The world has a lot to offer you. So I hope you have a blessed day and enjoy this food for thought. 

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