Are You Getting Too Much Of The Wrong Type Of Protein?

I know what you are thinking, “I Thought We have to worry about getting too little, not too much!”

With Keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers, protein shakes, and all the other highly Advertised Diets and so-called healthy food, I know It can get confusing. I was confused for years.

After doing much-needed research on scientific articles and doing my studies in Nutrition and Fitness, I have found that there is such a thing as getting too much of the wrong type of protein.

What is the wrong type of protein?

Protein from animals and animal by-products like cheese and dairy eggs can cause damage in the body. Casin (the protein from milk) causes the highest amount of damage. Meat and by-products are the cause of most of the diseases that we counter. These diseases are (but are not limited to) cancer, autoimmune, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Protein from animal sources puts your body in a state of emergency; The body gets overwhelmed by having too much animal protein and not enough of the right resources or the time to digest the protein properly. Your body starts to go into Glycogenesis, which leads to too much nitrogen. High amounts of nitrogen lead to protein poisoning. This affects your body with additional digestive and stomach issues. In addition, this causes your body to be in a state where our bodies are at high risk for outside dangers such as cancer-causing chemicals that our body cannot fight off while trying to recover from all the other damage.

So what’s the right kind of protein?

Plant-based foods contain the highest quality of protein that is entirely absorbable for the body and contains additional vital nutrients that meat cannot offer.

What plants contain protein, all of them literally. Potatoes, broccoli, nuts seeds, apples, and many more. Every plant has some form of protein in different amounts. So as long as you eat a whole food plant-based diet full of variety, you will exceed the recommended amount of protein to fuel your body. 

The additional essential nutrition is minerals, vitamins, and enzymes allow your body to digest the protein fully and help your body have the building blocks to transport the protein to the areas your body needs it the most. That is why I encourage you to eat a whole food plant-based diet.

Whole Plant-Based Foods are vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes; anything that grows from the soil. They all contain the natural balance of protein and all the other nutrients your body needs to heal and repair yourself. You may have heard of people eating a plant-based diet cures cancer or healing their bodies from other diseases. Will, it is true. So much scientific data and studies have proven this to be true.

The body can heal by eating a plant-based diet because it can digest the protein right since it has all the resources it needs to do it in the first place. You will be about to fight off the chemicals and environmental hazards that you come in contact with every day. You will be plentiful with energy, flawless skin, and fewer aches and pains from what has ailed you in the past.

In addition, animal protein is very acidic to the diet, but plant-based foods and protein are alkaline to the body. I will break this into terms of how I absorbed the importance of this factor when I learned this.

The main question I have for you is, Would you drink acid?

I think the answer would be a big fat NO. If you drank acid, it would damage your body from inside you very fast. Animal products do the same thing but slowly. So why are you putting acidic animal products into your body?

On the other hand, plants are alkaline, which our body prefers. Our body uses the alkalinity to heal and create an environment that promotes positive growth and strength.

This is why I encourage you to eat more plant-based.

I want to point out that those are DEAD products when consumed.

You are what you eat; if you eat something dead, you will kill something in your body.
Plants are alive, so they give life. They heal, grow, and rebuild. If you dig up a plant, you can replant it, and it will thrive if given the right about of oxygen, water, and sunlight for it to succeed.

You cannot regrow the animal that you murdered. You cannot heal the soiled milk or eggs.

Third, for the meat, dairy, or eggs to make it onto our plate, they have a lot of outside influences and factors involved in the process.

The animals can’t be sick, so they are given many antibiotics. They are what they eat, which means their bodies are riddled with those antibiotics. Then we ingest their bodies, or that comes from them; now we have those antibiotics in our bodies.

When we get sick now, our bodies are already resistant to antibiotics, so they do not work efficiently on us anymore. In conclusion, many of our illnesses are becoming more resistant to antibiotics making it hard or even impossible for us to heal from some things.

In addition, animal by-products riddle us with diseases. Meat, eggs, and dairy are linked to heart diseases, blood cholesterol, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.

Dairy and eggs are linked to allergies, skin rashes, and lung issues.

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